10 Ways to Make Money Watching Videos in 2023

If you enjoy spending time watching videos on the internet, why not turn that hobby into a way to make money? In today’s digital age, there are several opportunities available that allow you to earn extra income simply by watching videos.

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or want to monetize your downtime, here are 10 ways to make money by watching videos.

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1. Paid Video Platforms

Paid video platforms are websites or apps that pay users to watch videos. These platforms partner with advertisers who want to promote their products or services through video content. By watching these videos, you earn a small amount of money or rewards.

Some popular paid video platforms include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and MyPoints. These platforms often have a variety of video categories to choose from, such as entertainment, news, or lifestyle.

2. Online Surveys

Many survey websites incorporate video-watching tasks as part of their surveys. Companies conduct market research and gather consumer opinions by presenting videos and asking participants to provide feedback.

By signing up for reputable survey websites like Survey Junkie or Vindale Research, you can get paid to watch videos and share your thoughts about them. Keep in mind that the compensation for video-watching surveys may vary, but it’s a simple and easy way to earn money in your spare time.

3. YouTube Revenue Sharing

If you have a YouTube channel or are interested in starting one, you can monetize your videos through YouTube‘s revenue sharing program. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, such as having a certain number of subscribers and watch hours, you can enable ads on your videos.

Every time someone watches an ad before or during your video, you earn a portion of the ad revenue. This can be a lucrative way to make money by watching videos, especially if you create engaging and popular content.

4. Product Testing Videos

Product testing videos have become increasingly popular on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Companies send products to content creators, who then review and demonstrate these products in their videos.

Some companies even pay content creators to make these videos. By establishing yourself as a product reviewer and creating high-quality videos, you can attract sponsorships and partnerships with brands, allowing you to earn money while watching and showcasing products.

5. Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups are platforms that gather individuals with specific demographics or interests to provide feedback on products, services, or marketing campaigns. In some cases, these focus groups involve watching videos and sharing your opinions.

Websites like Respondent and User Interviews connect participants with companies conducting market research. By joining these focus groups, you can earn money by watching videos and sharing your valuable insights.

6. Crowdsourced Captioning

Some video platforms and content creators rely on crowdsourcing to add captions or subtitles to their videos. Captioning improves accessibility and allows a wider audience to enjoy the content.

Websites like Rev and Amara hire individuals to watch videos and transcribe or caption them. You can earn money by providing accurate captions for videos, helping content creators reach a larger audience while making the content more accessible.

7. Online Ad Testing

Companies and advertising agencies often test the effectiveness of their advertisements by gathering feedback from viewers. You can participate in online ad testing programs where you watch videos and provide your thoughts and opinions on the ads.

These programs help companies improve their marketing strategies and create more engaging advertisements. Websites like Userlytics and TryMyUI offer opportunities to earn money by watching and reviewing ads.

8. Social Media Sponsorships

If you have a significant following on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat, you can leverage your audience to earn money by watching videos. Brands often collaborate with influencers and content creators to promote their products or services.

As part of these collaborations, you may be asked to watch and share videos related to the brand. In return, you can earn money through sponsorships, brand partnerships, or affiliate marketing.

By building a strong online presence and engaging with your audience, you can attract brands that are willing to pay you for watching and promoting their videos.

9. Online Streaming Platforms

Online streaming platforms like Twitch or Facebook Gaming offer opportunities to earn money by watching and streaming videos of your gameplay. If you’re passionate about gaming and enjoy sharing your gameplay experiences, you can monetize your streams through donations, subscriptions, sponsorships, and ad revenue.

As you gain a dedicated fan base, you can generate income by entertaining viewers with your video content.

10. Educational Videos and Courses

If you possess knowledge or expertise in a particular field, you can create educational videos or courses and earn money through platforms like Udemy or Teachable. These platforms allow you to create and sell video-based courses on various topics.

By sharing your expertise and providing valuable content, you can attract students who are willing to pay for access to your courses. This way, you can make money by watching videos that educate and empower others.


In conclusion, make money online watching videos  doesn’t have to be just a pastime. With the right approach and utilization of available platforms, you can turn this activity into a source of income.

Whether it’s through paid video platforms, online surveys, YouTube revenue sharing, or other methods mentioned above, you can make money by dedicating your time to watching videos.

Keep in mind that consistency, quality content, and building a strong online presence are essential to succeed in these ventures. Choose the methods that align with your interests and skills, and be willing to put in the effort to create engaging and valuable video content.

By doing so, you can enjoy both the process of watching videos and the financial rewards that come with it.

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