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Contrary to popular belief, translators are not just an improved and more expensive version of Internet tools who want to work online and make money. In fact, they are much more than that. But did you know that it is possible to know how to make money online at Stepes – free Paypal money 2022, by doing translations? 

To help you understand more about how to make money at Stepes,  I have prepared today’s article on the subject. Were you interested in learning more? Then follow along with me right now!

Stepes is the largest online translation company. Stepes stands for Social Translation Experience Project and Eco-System. Stepes is an app and desktop platform translation service founded in San Francisco, California in December 2015. The startup introduced the world’s first chat-based mobile translation technology, allowing translators to work from a smartphone and their desktops.

Stepes helps the largest digital companies enter the global marketplace. Stepes works with the world’s largest companies with cloud translation services. Professional quality translation services should not be slow. In fact, modern companies increasingly demand quality translations in real time.

What is a translator?

Becoming a translator requires practice, skills, and patience. It is a growing field that offers the opportunity to learn new things and work with many different types of people and make money online. 

You are the link between communication and how people can learn, grow and talk to each other. Technically speaking, interpreting and translation are two different professions. 

While both jobs require speaking multiple languages, interpreting is spoken, while translation is written.

Translators are responsible for converting text from one language to another. This can lead to many complications, because the final text must retain the same meaning, style, and tone of voice as the original. This is not always easy to do. 

It should be noted that some linguistic terms do not always have their equivalents in other languages, which can make things relatively complicated. 

In addition, translators have a duty to pay attention to cultural issues, because it can be easy to make sense of the target text. It is precisely because of these complications that translation, as a profession, is still in high demand. 

No online translation tool can, to date, perform as well as humans in this field. That is what makes this work still bright days ahead, because it is so important and necessary.

The skills needed to Make Money Online

As translation is a very demanding process, it is important that people in this profession have a thirst for knowledge and are attentive to detail. 

Many times, it is believed that the only way to produce quality work that is not just copy and paste is to take a deep interest in the subject matter. 

This is a long-term job because every lexical element present in a text must be translated as accurately and meaningfully as possible. 

If you are not creative, this job is not for you. Also know that knowing how to manage stress and being organized are two essential qualities. 

In fact, as with a copywriter, you will regularly have to work under very tight deadlines that require high concentration.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the key qualities that will make you a strong person in the trade:

Do you like languages

What could be more logical, you will tell me? Speaking several languages is good, but it’s more a matter of quality than quantity. 

If you excel in Portuguese and English, you can obviously make a career out of it. That said, speaking two languages is not enough. To be an excellent translator, you must work on your language skills, get trained, and gain lots of experience.

You have an attraction to foreign culture

You can have all the language skills in the world, but if you are not interested in foreign culture, it will quickly become complicated. 

A language makes no sense without its cultural context, remember that well. Don’t hesitate during your studies or during another time to travel to the countries whose language you speak. This will have undeniable advantages, both in substance and form. Think about it.

You like to write

Again, this may seem obvious, but words play an important role in this activity. Finally, the translator is nothing more than a writer who, instead of offering his own content, offers that of another in a different linguistic format.

But do you need all that to make money online from translations?

Unfortunately, the answer is no! 

Stepes is a site that gives you the opportunity to get started in translation without much experience. Now that you know more about the world of translation, let’s start talking a little more about how to make money at Stepes.

First of all, what is Stepes?

This is, without a doubt, the largest online translation company. Stepes stands for Social Translation Experience Project and Eco-System.

Stepes was founded in San Francisco, California in 2015. Since then, it has been very successful and winning over more and more people from all over the world who learn how to make money online on Stepes.

How to make money online at Stepes? 

It’s very simple to sign up for Stepes. Just download the app and start searching for top jobs on the platform.

The platform, as soon as a new project is created, sends notification to the translators who have the most affinity for the type of project in question. So you can receive a notification whenever something new is available.

This certainly makes your life as an independent translator a lot easier.

After you receive the notification, you can accept the job and start right away.

Everything is very simple and intuitive to operate. You will certainly have no trouble knowing how to make money at Stepes.

But why work at Stepes?

Do you want the freedom to work when and where you want? Spend more time with your family and friends? Then surely Stepes will surprise you.

That’s because, by working on this platform, you have the freedom of the hours you want. Of course, the more you work, the more you will earn, but you determine that!

So don’t miss this opportunity!

Now that you already know how to make money at Stepes, I will close this article with some tips that will certainly help you when it comes to succeeding as a translator.

6 tips to succeed as a translator

Prepare yourself 

Before you start a business head on, take the time to think about what this important life choice represents. 

Being self-employed offers great freedom and, in general, better pay than the work of a salaried translator (unless you are recruited by an international organization, but this is a special case). 

You will also benefit from a more varied experience that will allow you to really choose your field of specialization. 

However, these advantages should not mask a number of constraints: as a business developer and manager, you will have to perform many tasks that are not directly related to your field of study (prospecting, billing, accounting, managing relationships with your clients, etc.). 

Are you ready to devote a significant portion of your time to this? 

In addition, some of you may feel isolated working alone at home. Not to mention that your income will be, at least initially, random, which can cause significant stress in off-peak periods. 

In short, face reality, if necessary, by asking experienced translators to describe their daily lives without makeup, in order to avoid disappointment.

Once you are convinced that the freelance life is for you, do a little market research to identify the different types of clients, promising areas of expertise, the income you can expect, etc. 

Be professional

You absolutely must consider yourself a professional and present yourself as such. To this end, draw up general terms and conditions of sale that will serve as the basis for your business negotiations and will establish from the outset the payment terms and obligations of each party.

Also, make it a point of honor to scrupulously respect deadlines and instructions. If in doubt, research and, if you can’t find the answer yourself, ask your client questions. 

No one reads a document more carefully than a translator, so you are a valuable asset to the author and a safety net before your text is published. 

Relate anything respectfully, mindful of providing added value while helping to establish your professional reputation. Also, always proofread your work carefully, even if it needs to be proofread by a third party.

Be recommended from your first clients

When you return your translation, or soon after, seek your customers’ opinions about your service. Their testimonials are a valuable tool to improve the quality of your work and convince other agencies or direct clients to trust you. 

Even if few translators can do it in practice, you must prospect continuously to maintain a regular level of activity. 

In fact, a large client can at any time drop out of a project or turn to another provider, so it is better to spread the risk of financial loss by maintaining a portfolio of clients. 

In order to increase your chances of collecting these valuable opinions, favor a direct approach by making it as simple as possible for the people asked. 

For example, you can send a recommendation request via LinkedIn or create a quick survey using free survey apps.

Don’t specialize right away (but don’t take too long either)

Translators are not omnipotent and are even much better when they focus on a particular type of text. 

By reducing the number of topics you agree to deal with, you will certainly limit the size of your target market, but you will have access to more remunerative contracts entrusted only to experienced professionals. 

To be viable, a specialization must remain relatively broad to deal with possible reversals in the economic situation in an industry (legal, technical, financial, marketing translation, etc.), but it can also be very narrow to position itself in a niche market. 

To guide your choice, ask yourself what you like and what you translate best. 

After choosing a field, you can spend time improving your knowledge and know-how in order to produce quality translations that will pass muster with a professional in the field.

Once specialized, contact customers directly

Now that you have identified the market to develop (the field of activity in which you specialize), you are ready to contact companies that may need a qualified translator. 

By bypassing agencies, you get direct access to contractors and generally increase your compensation prospects.

Be aware, however, that this approach also has its share of requirements: direct clients are generally less informed about the nature of the translators’ work and need to be “educated” about it for the establishment of a fruitful collaboration. 

Briefly explain your approach by indicating that you will need to be aware of the specifics of your company and its strategy, specify the timelines to be taken into account, request that you be given the contact details of a person whom you can contact to clarify certain points, and insist on the need for a third-party review (internally or externally, organized by you).

You may need to devote more time to “customer management,” but that investment will quickly be wise for establishing a trusting relationship over time. 

An increasing number of companies prefer to deal with freelance translators who know their specifics and problems, rather than agencies that often prove unable to provide consistent quality services. 

To retain them, be ready to do a little more (meet them in person, monitor their markets, be available at highlights of their activity, etc.) and gain visibility (visual identity, web presence, trade show participation, etc.) to better integrate you into their teams.

Don’t be alone in front of your questions

During your entrepreneurial journey, you will sometimes feel lonely and helpless in the face of certain problems. 

In these moments of doubt, don’t hesitate to rely on networks (entrepreneurs, alumni, translators, etc.) that bring together professionals who have encountered the same difficulties as you and are able to understand your situation. 

The life of a freelancer is not a lonely desert: it is even an excellent opportunity to share for those who know how to open up to others. 

So don’t hesitate, join one or more professional associations.

Did you like learning more about how to make money onlineon Stepes? Then be sure to keep up with the rest of the blog articles, I have plenty more news for you!

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